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Share behavior between your Rails tests using modules

If you’re using the Minitest testing framework with Rails, stay DRY and share common behavior between tests using Ruby modules (as you should). But if you want to use Rails’ syntactic sugar, there’s a little more to it than just a basic module.

2 years ago

An animated evolution of the Ferrari F1 car

While studying up on the 2014 Formula One season, I spent a little time creating an animated GIF of Ferrari’s car over the last eight iterations. Interesting to watch the change of specific areas, like the front end and the rear wing. The images are centered on the driver’s position and are lined up as… Read more »

3 years ago

Measuring how Typekit Web fonts affect the user experience

Typekit is a quick and easy way to add quality Web fonts to your site, but it can also significantly impact page load times.  “Ain’t care: I want cool fonts!” you say. Okay, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little speed for that, it might be a reasonable trade-off for your purposes.

4 years ago

Taking before you give: Harassing users with surveys and signups

Imagine you try to walk into a store but before you can, an employee jumps out and asks you to sign up for their newsletter. With an annoyed “No, thanks,” you try to pass by and go about your business. Why would you want to do that before you knew anything about the place, let alone… Read more »

4 years ago

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I develop Web sites, take photos, and enjoy a few dozen hobbies.

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I've designed and built dozens of successful Web sites and applications for businesses of all types. My focus is on front-end development and creating awesome user experiences.

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I do occasional photo work, though not as much these days. I have a background in photojournalism and try to keep the skills sharp.

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Right now: Racing $500 cars, tennis, sim racing, cycling, gardening, reading, travel, beach volleyball.


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