• What is a closure in JavaScript?

    Closure: It’s not a complex concept. Yet it’s hard to describe. Sure, a lot of programming jargon is abstract and requires a little bending of one’s mind. Polymorphism, reflection, encapsulation — hell, even abstraction is an abstract concept. In my own effort to understand closures better, I’ve compiled the best descriptions of JavaScript closures from… Read more »

  • An animated evolution of the Ferrari F1 car

    While studying up on the 2014 Formula One season, I spent a little time creating an animated GIF of Ferrari’s car over the last eight iterations. Interesting to watch the change of specific areas, like the front end and the rear wing. The images are centered on the driver’s position and are lined up as… Read more »

  • Ten things I learned from Mobile Usability

    In the appropriately named book, “Mobile Usability,” human factors mac-daddy, Jakob Nielsen, and co-author Raluca Budiu, give us a primer on all the dumb mistakes it’s possible to make in your mobile apps and sites. Some of them are painfully obvious, some of them not as much. Here are ten good things I learned.

  • So how does JSONP really work?

    JSONP is a way to fetch JSON data from a different domain, often in an asynchronous way, but without being restricted by the browser’s same-origin policy like you would be with XMLHttpRequest. But perhaps you only know it via a library like jQuery, which auto-magically handles JSONP URLs. Here’s a simple JSONP example and breakdown to show what’s really going on behind… Read more »