Bad karaoke in Augsburg

After Munich, I headed to Augsburg – about an hour away by train – to visit my friend Tim, a German I met the last time I was in Germany two years ago.

Augsburg is famous for the Peace of Augsburg and fashion mullets sported by the local university kids. It seems that these kids are trying to out-do eachother for who has the most insanely epileptic barber.

I am not kidding, these barbers are probably on acid, too. I’ll post pictures later, but just picture a German with some moderately shaggy hair. Now get him drunk and put him in a clothes dryer with a couple of electric razors. A few minutes later, you will get the hair I’m talking about.

Add styling gel and some random bleach streaks to complete the look.

Tim is an avid snowboarder and doesn’t identify with the fashion mullet. He and his friends taught me a few good German words to call these guys.

On my first night in Augsburg, we visited a real live authentic “Irish pub” to check out some karaoke. For some reason, the Germans really like covering these kooky Italian songs, which is fine I guess. They also seem to love John Denver’s “Country Roads”, like A LOT. You hear it everywhere.

I was surprised to hear no Hasselhoff (okay, I probably wouldn’t even recognize a Hasselhoff cut) but the most interesting song of the night was “Dancing Queen”. This song was a top runner for the Lost in Translation award of the evening; it clearly doesn’t have the same status as a gay anthem second only to “YMCA” like it does here in the states. Large, burly working-class German men happily slurred the words while heartily toasting their drinking buddies.

Odd sight.