Weird food

It’s a given that when you travel, you will encounter weird food, so today I’ll talk about my experience with Bavarian food

The Germans like meat. They eat it for breakfast, luch, dinner, dessert, whatever. In Augsburg, I had the pleasure of eating several new, tasty meat dishes.


This is basically a big hunk of pork with the skin still on part of it. It’s baked in an oven until the skin boils and gets crunchy like a giant pork rind. And that’s really all you get.

Beer and a hunk of flesh.

It’s pretty good – just don’t have one of these every day or you’ll be getting angioplasties more often than Dick Cheney.


Literally “white sausage”, this is strictly eaten for breakfast. It literally looks like, uh, white sausages. You peel off the casing, dip in some sweet mustard and chow down. According to Tim, it has to also be eaten with a glass of wiessbier (white beer). Yes, for breakfast. And that’s ok.


Flesh salad! It’s like salad, but with tasty pork flesh instead. Picture strips of pig in a sort of mayonaise sauce. Spread on a half-roll and enjoy!

Now, this isn’t all the Bavarians eat. They also enjoy normal things like yogurt, fruit and McDonald’s hamburgers. Just don’t expect to get a large American-style breakfast anywhere since cold cuts, bread and cereal are pretty much the morning standard.