• My Life

    Pretty accurate description of life as a designer:

  • Poway reopened

    My parents and grandparents are back home as of this morning. There’s no real damage at their respective residences, other than tons of ash and some minor damage from high winds. The National Guard had been patrolling Poway yesterday to keep out looters, so all seems ok on that front, as well. Here’s another map… Read more »

  • More San Diego Witch Fire info

    The Witch fire has burned homes about 600 yards from our family home in Poway, CA. If you’re a friend or relative following this, here’s more info for you. Fire map and damage to homes Map with parents’(right) and grandparents’(left) homes Continuous fire updates from local news media: Poway city news: San… Read more »

  • San Diego Witch Fire

    There’s a fire burning about 10 miles from my parents’ and grandparents’ homes in San Diego. Apparently, the wind is raging and there’s an evacuation alert. If you’re interested in following this, I’ve created a map of the fire area.

  • Surf in England

    If, one day, you find yourself down in the south-eastern part of England and itching for some surf, ring my friend Dan in Broadstairs. Believe it or not, they have surf down there. Link: Oh, he runs the local skatepark and climbing wall, as well. Link:

  • New photo site

    I started accumulating a lot of beach volleyball photos and decided to slice them off into their own site called Check it out!