• Oktoberfest is bad for your liver

    On October 4th, I started off my 1-month trip through Germany, Austria and the Balkans with a wicked hangover, jet lag and a vicious cold. Straight off the plane to Munich, I met up with my friend, Eric, to hit the last night of Oktoberfest. We started in the massive Hofbrauhaus tent and downed two… Read more »

  • Raucous birthday event

    Thanks to everyone who showed up for my birthday party. We threw a Scientology-themed rager, in case you didn’t hear. Yard: trashed. House: trashed. Cat: missing (briefly).

  • Breaking the seal

    I’ve found that once you spend a stupid amount of money on a pair of designer jeans, it’s very easy to do it again from that point on. In the same day. Not that I did that. Just saying.

  • Happy 4th

    Happy Fourth of July. Here is a picture of me drinking beer with some girls. Yay. And here’s me and Da Regulator at a Fourth of July BBQ. Can I just say the meat was off the hook?

  • Bad keystroke leads to $251 million stock buy

    Bad keystroke leads to $251 million stock buy “Fubon said that the trader was unfamiliar with new computer systems and will be fired.” It’s a sad, sad day when the blame for such a massive mistake is placed on the user. Training or no, the responsibility for something that grave falls on the shoulders of… Read more »

  • Programmers are getting cheaper

    ASP .NET programmers are now going for $15/hour. Sure, it’s ASP .NET, but nonetheless a disconcerting sign for those of us who make our living writing code. Two questions pop into my mind, though. First, what kind of programmer do you get for $15? Can he think outside the box? Can he code with scalability… Read more »